7 Questions

Putting the Golden Rule into Practice

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These 7 Questions are drawn from the Golden Rule as written in the life affirming faiths and philosophies of the world. They are intended to help develop our moral intuition, and to encourage us to become more deliberate in the application of the Golden Rule in our daily lives.

The Golden Rule has been written in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different ways. All sharing a common grounding in mutuality, that universal relationship that the ancient Greeks called agapé.

Through this Principle of Mutuality, the choices we make, like the proverbial ripples in a pond, flow outward from us to the “other” and beyond.

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The 7 Questions are a tool to help us understand our choices in the context of that image. They are, in reality, one question, applied to ever widening circles of relationship.

Using the 7 Questions –

The Questions are not intended as a scorecard. However, one method of beginning your practice of the Principle of Mutuality is to simply see how many times you can answer “Yes” in response to them.

Each of the 7 Questions starts identically –

Will this decision or choice positively affect:

  1. The “other” (that person or part of Creation most directly touched by your choice)
  2. You
  3. Those closest to the “other”
  4. Those closest to you
  5. Your shared community (neighborhood, workplace, organization)
  6. Other communities (beyond you and the “other”)
  7. The world/environment/Creation

You can apply the 7 Questions to any decision or choice, big or small, that you make. Every choice we make affects others in some way.

The more we exercise our moral intuition, the more deliberate we become in using it. And the more easily we see the connections between ourselves and the “other.” Eventually we can reach a point where we realize that there truly is no other; that we all are one.

And together, we can create a truly Golden Rule world.

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