The Golden Rule Resolution

Although I’m no longer gathering signatures for the Golden Rule Resolution, I encourage you to use the comment form to leave your thoughts and to discuss this important foundational concept of human relationship.

The Text:

It is essential that we find a way to live together in peace; in mutual respect of one another; to live and believe as we freely choose.

Creating a tolerant, pluralistic society is a critical step for harmonious human growth.

In order to preserve the world and its resources, we must find a way to create a sustainable, prosperous economy, even as we protect the environment and the ecology of the world we live in.

There is such a way; a pluralistic solution with a universal starting point exists. It is often called the Golden Rule or the Ethic of Reciprocity.

The principle of treating each other and the world with mutual respect and dignity is the foundation of all moral codes, religious or secular.

Applying this universal principle can provide an enabling mechanism for the dialogue and development essential to resolving the challenges we face globally, nationally, and locally.

Therefore, we call on the religious, political, and economic leaders of the world to draft and adopt resolutions for the implementation of the principle embodied in the Golden Rule; such resolutions to inform and guide the formation of political, social, economic and environmental policies within their spheres of influence.

The resolution was created in 2007 with the participation of a group of ordinary people from around the world; from many cultures, beliefs, and  walks of life. Their one commonality – an interest in the Golden Rule, and a belief in the power of this Principle of Mutuality to change the world. It was crafted entirely online by people who, for the most part, have still, and probably will never, meet face to face.

There is a growing global Golden Rule movement. It has many champions, including Paul McKenna, creator of the Golden Rule Poster, and Karen Armstrong, whose TED Wish has taken form in the wonderful Charter for Compassion project.

I hope that you will take a moment to add your voice to not only this Golden Rule Resolution, but also these and other amazing activities that seek to illuminate the unity in our diversity.

Thank you
David Keating

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The last comments forGolden Rule Day – April 5, 2011peter
Thank you Amb. Mussie Hailu for your initiative of the Golden Rule Day on April 5th. We need more people…

» 19 weeks ago

The last comments forAfrican Council of Religious Leaders endorsed the Golden Rule Day proclamationMogoro
This is what Africa need. Thank you Amb. Mussie. Keep up the good work. You are the light of Africa

» 31 weeks ago

Peter Alan
Good news. Thank you so much Ambassador Mussie Hailu for all the outstanding work you are doing for peace,…

» 42 weeks ago

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