We can deepen our understanding of the universal Principle of Mutuality expressed in the Golden Rule by becoming more intentional in applying it to our daily lives. Try this simple end-of-day exercise. If you wish, have a piece of paper and a pen nearby for journaling.

  • Make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair or other quiet place.
  • Take a couple of minutes to clear your mind through prayer or meditation.
  • When you feel relaxed, think of each of the people you came into contact with today. You may want to jot down their names to make it easier.
  • Create an image of each person in your mind. What did they look like? Were they smiling, frowning, excited, upset? Try not to think too much about where you saw them. The exercise is intended to focus on people rather than places.
  • Does one person stand out more in your thoughts than others? If so, concentrate on that person for the balance of the meditation. If no single person stands out, choose one person at random as your focus.
  • Think of one thing that occurred in your time with that person that seemed particularly significant. It might be a comment that the person made, a gesture, a look, something that you sensed in their manner. There might be more than one thing that comes to mind of course. Let the one that you feel was most significant become your focus now.
  • Reflect on how you reacted to the focus you chose. Were you empathetic? Angry? Happy? Sad? This meditation is not a matter of judgment. Your reaction was not “right” or “wrong”. The purpose is simply to focus your attention on it.
  • Does it seem as though your reaction was in keeping with the intent of the Golden Rule that we consider the “other” as if they were ourselves?

If not, continue your reflection, asking yourself –

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  • What was the obstacle to a Golden Rule response?
  • How might you overcome that obstacle in a similar situation in future?

Don’t be harsh with yourself. You haven’t failed. We’re all human and we will not always follow the Golden Rule. Remember, the goal of the meditation is simply to help us become more intentional in our efforts to apply this universal Principle of Mutuality.

  • If your reaction was in accord with the principle of the Golden Rule, affirming of the “other”, celebrate. Reward yourself in any way that you find meaningful. Knowing that we can be in relationship with each other in this way is a powerful tool to motivate us to live out this foundational statement of relationship.

Conclude the meditation with a few deep breaths, prayer, or any other way that is meaningful to you.
Repeat often.

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The last comments forGolden Rule Day – April 5, 2011peter
Thank you Amb. Mussie Hailu for your initiative of the Golden Rule Day on April 5th. We need more people…

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The last comments forAfrican Council of Religious Leaders endorsed the Golden Rule Day proclamationMogoro
This is what Africa need. Thank you Amb. Mussie. Keep up the good work. You are the light of Africa

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Peter Alan
Good news. Thank you so much Ambassador Mussie Hailu for all the outstanding work you are doing for peace,…

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